Be the Messageā€¦..Luke 1:37

Taking our faith beyond words to a life of ministry action is an opportunity to be a blessing to the Lord.  In this new year of opportunities, I believe every believer can be the message for God.  Being the message requires taking our faith beyond words and putting hands and feet on our faith.  Being the message in our time is wanting to talk about God less and walk with God more.  It is actively finding a need and intentionally meeting the need with the purpose of sharing the Gospel of Jesus with someone.

Choosing a church home that provides opportunity for a loving, Holy Spirit worship is not an easy task.  We want to let you know who we are and how we can minister to you.  We have ministries to meet the needs of your entire family.  Jesus loves you and so do we.   We desire to hear from you, if you have any questions please contact the church office.

At Bethel Baptist Church, God has given us a vision to reach the lost of our community, city, nation and the world.  The church family believes God’s Word is the only truth and we share it with all our hearts.  Jesus Christ is honored and lifted up in all of our ministry.  You are welcome to come and worship with us and be a part of our fellowship.

Rev. Wayne Roberts, Pastor